BnieInsurance, DocumentVacuum and Bnie Inc. and are part of Bnie Inc. BnieInsurance provides customized insurance ideas for consumers. DocumentVacuum provides high volume low cost general purpose data extraction. You can reach us here

Simon Noonan
Chief Executive Officer

Simon is the founder of both and and is the former President and CEO of auto insurer Bristol West (revenue $1 billion) and former President of Business Insurance of Farmers Insurance (division revenue $2 billion). He is a graduate of Oxford University and of Harvard Business School.

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Bnie Inc. was founded in 2015 and is located at: 7901 4th St N #300 St. Petersburg, FL 33702

George Noonan
Senior Developer

George is a computer science student at the University of Virginia, school of Engineering. He enjoys learning about how software can be used in a financial context and has been enhancing the user interface including the free demo emails for financial statements and other uploads.

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