Insurance Hot Air

The objective of the game is to pop the bad insurance hot air bubbles by clicking on them. Bad insurance things show up after the fact as red debris and increase your score. Clicking on good things results in green debris and decreases your score.  For the best bubbles and the best score, log in to, make sure that you have generated at least one set of customized insurance ideas by clicking on MyIdeas and then generate a set of ideas.  Wait for them to finish generating before launching the game.  For the best bubbles, you only have to generate MyIdeas at least once during the last 3 months.  Then to play the game any time, log into the website and click on the game picture to play and track your scores.  Bonus bubbles are bigger and move more slowly than normal bubbles, you need to wait until they are in the top 1/3 of the screen before clicking on them, otherwise you lose a lot of points instead of gaining them.  If you're playing on a device with a mouse, holding down either mouse button and moving causes the camera to move, so if you find yourself looking at the black ground or the purple sky, this is why. You can find more information on the text that shows on the bubbles by entering the text and filtering on it here.

Thanks to the team at for their fantastic work in building the JavaScript babylon engine that powers this and the excellent examples and documentation that go with it.

For Apple users, the game requires WebGL and will not work on an old iPhone or iPad. On other Apple devices, you may be able to enable WebGL as follows.  In Safari, open the Safari menu and select Preferences. Then, click the Advanced tab in the Preferences window. Then, at the bottom of the window, check the Show Develop menu in menu bar checkbox. Then, open the Develop menu in the menu bar and select Enable WebGL.

Also for Apple iPhone/iPad users, the game initially loads much more slowly than with other platforms, and you may see something like "Streaming items .. 2 remaining" for a few minutes.  If you see the loading symbol without words, the application may be hung.  Once loaded, the game plays at a normal speed.  One potential solution to this is Settings-Safari-Advanced-Website Data-Remove All.  This will affect stored information from other websites.


More information for insurers and large insurance agents/portals on Bnie's gaming efforts can be found here.

Last modified: 3/7/2017
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